Our Development Squad and Wildcat Sessions return this weekend, please remember to use the NHS QR codes at each venue for training and matches, keep safe and enjoy your football.

Please see attached, which links in to the sheet Chris sent out over the weekend.

This clearly shows which area is allocated to you at each venue. It’s essential that you adhere to this please, especially the 3G which you can see is tight on certain slots.

The 3G is a massive area so it’s important that we use all of it, right up to the fence, ignoring the markings, which are for match day use.

We have allocated space based on age and squad size. Appreciating that we can’t please everyone, so please work together, or consider joined up training sessions if you are sharing space.

Chris and/or I will be there this week to assist the settling down process.

On Saturdays please take a look at the other venues as there is space off of the 3G if you don’t want to share space. Please let both Chris and I know if you want to switch.

(Pitch layouts will be available shortly to view online)