Good luck to all of the teams that start their new season this weekend, a lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes to make sure that we can offer a safe return to football, please remember to follow the guidelines that help to keep everyone safe.

Below are the results for this weekend, this includes all league games

Date Team Result
09/09/2018 U7 Panthers Lost
09/09/2018 U7 Whites TBA
09/09/2018 U8 Whites Won
09/09/2018 U8 Lions Won
09/09/2018 U8 Rangers Lost
09/09/2018 U8 Eagles Won
09/09/2018 U9 Reds Lost
09/09/2018 U9 Whites Won
09/09/2018 U9 Swifts TBA
09/09/2018 U10 Hawks Lost
09/09/2018 U10 Lions Won
09/09/2018 U11 Jaguars Won
09/09/2018 U12 Leopards D 5-5
09/09/2018 U13 Cobras W 8-0
09/09/2018 U15 Vipers W 7-6
09/09/2018 U16 Lions W 3-0
09/09/2018 U17 Wanderers L 3-0
09/09/2018 Men’s (Sceptre League) Abandoned – Due to player injury
09/09/2018 Men’s (Pope & Smith) W 6-0