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Training Restart

Following the recent guidelines released by the FA in respect of Grassroots Football, we have been awaiting further guidance to see how and when we can look to provide safe training while making sure we comply with the guidelines.

The committee held a meeting last week via zoom, to discuss how we might be able to provide training, we thought it would be a good idea to try and keep everyone informed as to where we are at present.

Step 1: The club has submitted a risk assessment to Chelmsford City Council (RA for SWFU June 2020 version 2), currently awaiting approval. A big thank you to Helen and Paul Hamilton for their help in getting this completed.

Step 2: The club will be looking to run zoom meetings for managers who are looking to train, so they are fully aware of the guideline requirements.

Step 3: The club feels it would be best to run a couple of managers sessions to act as a run through on how sessions should be set up and managed, any manager looking to return to training will need to attend a session.

Step 4: The club is currently looking to secure PPE for each manager, we hope to have this in place during the next week.

Step 5: The club is in the process of purchasing Social Distancing signage, this will need to be displayed at any venue where training is provided.

Step 6: We will be looking to run a trial session to ensure that our plans and risk assessment mean we can operate safe sessions.

We believe that once we have completed the above steps, we should be in a better position to start training over the weekend 5th & 6th July, sessions times to finalised.

Whilst we appreciate that many managers and players are keen to get back to training, the club will not compromise the safety and health of Managers, Coaches, Players and their families.

We will only be able to offer training if we get the help of everyone to ensure we comply with the guidelines.

We hope that the above and the attached risk assessment helps to cover most of the questions you or your players parents may have, if you do have any further questions please email them to us and we will try to answer them as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience while we assessed all the options, to come up with a plan for a safe return to training.