Our Development Squad and Wildcat Sessions return this weekend, please remember to use the NHS QR codes at each venue for training and matches, keep safe and enjoy your football.
Following this mornings pitch inspections, please see status of playing venues below.
All Matches at Saltcoats Park are postponed tomorrow due to heavily waterlogged pitches.
Compass 7v7, 9v9 and 5v5 will play, 5v5 has a patch of lying water but first on can sweep water off, broom in container.
Men’s pitch at Compass match off as is really bad!
Meadowbank- passed pitch inspection for 1 game only so U14 Dynamos game goes ahead, U14 Flamingos postponed .
Chetwood – passed pitch inspection
Rettendon – we are holding afternoon inspection or possibly 7:30am pitch inspection as hoping Sun will dry pitch out sufficiently to play